Party Wall & Neighbourly Matters

With the largest & most experienced team of Party Wall surveyors in the UK we advise developers and neighbours on all aspects of work under the Party Wall Act.

Our team were instrumental in the development of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 which provides rights to developing owners and safeguards for adjoining property owners.

With this expertise and the largest specialist team of Party Wall surveyors based across the UK, we draw on a wealth of experience to advise Building Owners undertaking work or Adjoining Owners alike on how they are affected by the Act and other construction related issues.

Party Wall Surveyors

Our expertise avoids the “box ticking” service of others. 

We strive for an early involvement and a proactive approach. This allows us to help building owners undertaking work manage any risk and liability. It also allows for early advice to neighbours on how best to protect their property during proposed works.

No matter the size of a project, from modest residential work to the largest commercial developments, we apply the same expertise, care and attention to detail.

With offices in LondonBirminghamManchesterBrighton, Bristol, NorwichPlymouth we provide Party Wall advice on projects all around the UK.

Party Wall Advice

Building Owners

If you are a Building Owner planning to carry out building works on your property that might be covered by the Party Wall Act we would strongly recommend that you have your plans checked by a suitably qualified and experienced party wall surveyor before work starts.

Our specialist team of chartered surveyors provide the same care and attention to detail to every Party Wall project no matter the size. We work on all types of project from a residential loft extension for instance to the largest commercial redevelopment.

What must a Building Owner do to comply with the Party Wall Act?

As a Building Owner you must tell your neighbours in advance if you want to :

– Build on or at the boundary of your two properties

– Work on an existing party wall or party structure

– Excavate below and near to the foundation level of their building or structure

Your neighbour can’t prevent you from making changes to your property that are within the law. However, they can affect how and when your works are carried out.

We advise at pre-planning stage on likely issues including where the Party Wall Act applies. This includes advice on the strategic approach for dealing with neighbouring properties. We also advise on rights of access with respect to crane oversail or scaffold access agreements and licences for instance.

With our joined up approach, we are often able to identify and mitigate potential Rights of Light or Building Consultancy issues to ensure work proceeds seamlessly and in a timely manner.

If you need guidance on whether the Act applies to the work you are planning please send us the plans. One of our surveyors will check the proposed work and clarify whether it comes within the scope of the Act.

For advice direct from one of our Surveyors, please call our Enquiry line on 020 4534 3135

For more information on the Party Wall process for Building Owners, click below.

Adjoining Owners

We advise neighbours (Adjoining Owners) on what to expect and how their own property should be protected during proposed works. 

The building owner planning to undertake work must comply with the provisions of the Act. No matter the extent of work, if it affects a shared structure the Party Wall Act provides important rights and protections for neighbours affected by building works.

What Party Wall rights does an Adjoining Owner have?

Under the Act an Adjoining Owner has the right to :

– Appoint a surveyor to resolve any dispute.

– Require reasonable necessary measures to be taken to protect their property from damage and for their security.

– Not to endure any unnecessary inconvenience.

– Be compensated for loss or damage caused by building works.

– Request security for expenses before work starts under the Act. This is to guard against any potential loss, such as if works are not completed for instance.

This also includes the duty to notify you in advance of work starting. Restrictions can be imposed on when noisy works are undertaken. The Act also provides a mechanism for resolving disputes if damage occurs for instance.

For more information on how to protect your property and manage any impact from neighbouring building works as an Adjoining Owner, click below.

Party Wall Agreement

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For more information on how the Party Wall Act affects you as a Building Owner or Adjoining Owner, see our Party Wall Fact Sheet.

We have also compiled some Party Wall FAQs and a Glossary of Party Wall terms we often get questions about.

The Party Wall process starts with serving notice, which we cover in greater detail here.

If you are unsure how the Act affects your property please call our surveyors direct on 020 4534 3135.

If you want one of our team to call you please fill in our Contact form. We will give you a call back as soon as we can.

For a quick no obligation Party Wall Quote for your project send us the details of your planned work here.

Local Party Wall Surveyors

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For advice direct from one of our Surveyors, please call our Enquiry line on 020 4534 3135.

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