Cost Consultancy

Anstey Horne specialize in providing comprehensive cost consultancy and quantity surveying services for the construction industry.

With our team of experienced professionals, we assist clients in managing the financial aspects of their construction projects, ensuring cost-effective and efficient outcomes.

Cost Consultancy Services

Our cost consultancy services encompass every stage of the construction process, from initial feasibility studies to final project completion. We work closely with our clients to establish realistic budgets, assess cost risks, and develop accurate cost estimates. By conducting thorough cost analyses, we help clients make informed decisions regarding project feasibility, resource allocation, and cost control measures.

As cost consultants, we play a crucial role in accurately measuring and quantifying construction works. Our expert team employs advanced measurement techniques and industry-standard software to provide detailed and precise quantity take-offs. This information enables us to prepare accurate bills of quantities and tender documentation, facilitating smooth and transparent procurement processes.

Our Cost Consultancy Services :

Cost Planning and Budgeting : We collaborate closely with clients to establish realistic budgets, develop cost plans, and provide accurate forecasts. By identifying potential cost savings and assessing financial risks, we help clients optimize their construction investments.

Cost Estimation and Feasibility Studies : Our consultancy team conducts meticulous cost estimations and feasibility studies to determine the financial viability of construction projects. We consider factors such as materials, labor, equipment, and overheads to provide accurate projections and minimize cost overruns.

Value Engineering : Through value engineering techniques, we analyze project designs and propose cost-effective alternatives without compromising quality or functionality. Our expertise helps clients identify opportunities to optimize construction costs while maintaining project objectives.

Tender Documentation and Procurement Support : We prepare detailed bills of quantities, tender documentation, and contract specifications. Our comprehensive documentation assists clients in securing competitive bids and selecting suitable contractors while ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards.

Cost Control and Financial Management : We implement robust cost control measures to monitor project expenses, track variations, and manage financial risks. Our team provides regular cost reports, conducts cost audits, and advises on effective cost management strategies throughout the project lifecycle.

Claims and Dispute Resolution : In the event of disputes or claims arising during construction projects, our experienced cost consultancy team provides expert advice, analysis, and support. We assist clients in navigating complex contractual issues. We aim to resolve conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or expert witness testimony if necessary.

At Anstey Horne, we are committed to delivering exceptional cost consultancy and quantity surveying advice. Our services are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. Our in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, combined with our attention to detail and commitment to cost optimization, ensures successful project outcomes.


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