Solar Glare Assessments

Solar Glare assessments are required in planning applications where the scheme is next to railway infrastructure or vehicular junctions

Developers are increasingly being required to submit Solar Glare assessments to local authorities and other stakeholders as part of a planning application. This is particularly relevant if the development is next to railway infrastructure or key vehicular junctions.

Often also referred to as ‘Glint and Glare Analysis’, we are experts in providing technical analysis and reports that are accepted by local authorities, Network Rail, Transport for London and others.

Our specialist software can account for proposed façade finishes and related reflectance values for instance. 

We have many years of experience liaising with stakeholders such as Network Rail and others also involved in the planning process.

Network Rail have access to measured survey information of the railway. This includes track positions, indication of direction of train travel and infrastructure locations such as signalling equipment.

We make use of this data or capture our own using our Digital Reality Modelling process and agree the position of sensitive glare test point with all stakeholders.

To advise on the likelihood of solar glare occurring, we would build a 3D computer model and run an analysis.

This analysis will identify potential glare instances originating from the proposed buildings that are visible to train or vehicle drivers using the nearby railway network and road junctions.

We have developed specialist software to analyse this type of occurrence, with the outputs as follows: –

– Calculation of annual sequence.

– Calculation of glare calendars at different locations.

– Production of simulated views from the different locations

Solar Glare Reports

We find that 2D images and written reports go some way to provide comfort on the glare related risks of a proposed development. However, video simulation is increasingly being required on many developments.

We have also developed a bespoke process to create Digital Reality Modelling. This allows us to accurately represent a development proposal in context. We use this technique to provide video simulation to better communicate the likely risks. 

With offices in LondonBirminghamManchesterBristol Plymouth we provide Solar Glare advice on projects all around the UK.

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