Cladding Remediation

At Anstey Horne, we offer a comprehensive project management service specifically designed for cladding remediation.

Our service ensures that buildings with non-compliant cladding are brought up to standard in accordance with building regulations and the Building Safety Act.

We provide property owners and stakeholders with a streamlined process, ensuring peace of mind and a clear path to compliance.

Key Features of Our Cladding Remediation Service

Cladding Remediation – Initial Assessment and Planning

Detailed Building Inspection : We conduct thorough PAS9980 compliant inspections to assess the extent and nature of non-compliant cladding.

Risk Analysis : Our team identifies potential safety hazards and prioritizes areas that require immediate attention.

Compliance Strategy Development : We formulate a comprehensive plan outlining the necessary steps to bring the building into compliance with current regulations and safety standards.

Cladding Remediation – Project Coordination and Management

Stakeholder Communication : We serve as the primary point of contact between building owners, residents, contractors, and regulatory bodies.

Timeline and Budget Management : Our experts develop and manage a detailed project timeline and budget. This ensures that remediation efforts are completed on schedule and within financial constraints.

Contractor Selection and Oversight : We source and manage qualified contractors and consultants to carry out remediation work, ensuring all work meets the required standards.

Building Safety Fund Applications : We provide expert advice and support for applications to the Building Safety Fund. We have extensive experience in liaising with the DLUHC to ensure applications are processed and funding secured in a timely manner.

Regulatory Compliance

Documentation and Reporting : We prepare and submit all necessary documentation to regulatory authorities. Ensuring full compliance with the Building Safety Act and other relevant regulations.

Regular Audits and Inspections : Our team conducts regular site audits and inspections to verify that work is progressing as planned and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Health and Safety Management

Risk Mitigation : We implement rigorous health and safety protocols to protect workers, residents, and the general public during the remediation process.

Emergency Preparedness : We develop and maintain emergency response plans to address any unforeseen incidents swiftly and effectively.

Cladding Remediation – Quality Assurance

Standards Adherence : We ensure that all remediation work is completed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Final Inspection and Certification : Our team conducts a final inspection upon project completion. This confirms that all work complies with building regulations and safety standards, and we obtain the necessary certifications.

Post-Remediation Support

Ongoing Monitoring : We provide ongoing support and monitoring to ensure the continued safety and compliance of the building post-remediation.

Resident Communication : We facilitate clear and transparent communication with residents throughout the project and after its completion, addressing any concerns or questions promptly.


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Our cladding remediation project management service ensures a meticulous, compliant, and safety-focused approach. Our expertise and dedication to excellence ensure that your building will meet all regulatory requirements and provide a safe environment for its occupants.

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