Fire Consultancy

Our fire consultancy team of highly-qualified, specialist consultants provides our clients with expert advice on a wide range of fire safety issues ensuring legal compliance, business continuity and property and life safety.

Fire Safety management is vital in protecting lives, properties, businesses and the environment.

It is a requirement under UK Fire Safety law that those responsible for non-domestic properties or HMOs undertake a regular assessment of the fire safety of buildings in their control, and have in place measures to manage and mitigate risks.

Fire consultancy may be required as the result of a fire risk assessment, a visit from the fire service or in order to resolve any fire safety issues identified such as an External Wall Assessment (EWS1).

What are the benefits of a Fire Consultancy?

Being able to call on one of our highly-qualified fire consultants enables our clients to make informed decisions on how best to manage risks from fire and ensure fire safety.

Expert fire safety guidance helps ensure legal compliance, reduces the likelihood of enforcement action by the fire service and assists greatly with the protection of lives, properties and reputation.

How can we help?

Anstey Horne has a team of highly-experienced fire safety consultants and chartered surveyors. We provide advice and cost effective solutions on any fire safety- related issues.

Our Fire consultancy services may include Fire Risk Assessments (FRA), guidance on Fire Safety Design on new or existing buildings, refurbishment projects, and provision of fire strategies to satisfy Building Regulations for instance.

Fire Consultancy Services

Fire Stopping

System Design, Installation & Maintenance

Follow the link for the latest RICS guidance note Cladding for Surveyors, 1 Edition, March 2021.

Our FAQs page is a compilation of the many questions we are frequently asked about the Fire Risk Assessment process. We have updated our FAQs following new RICS guidance in March 2021.

For further information on External Wall Assessments see our EWS1 Fact Sheet.

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Please call our EWS1 Enquiry line to commission an EWS1 Survey 020 4534 3130

To commission an EWS1 Form, an FRAEW or a Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) please call 020 4534 3130.

For further information on PAS9980, EWS1 forms or advice in respect of your obligations as a building owner, developer or manager, please contact :

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