Can a Neighbour Refuse a Party Wall Agreement?

Can a Neighbour Refuse a Party Wall Agreement?

If you’ve followed all the correct steps in the Party Wall process, can a neighbour refuse a Party Wall Agreement?

Essentially, the short answer is – No.

The party wall process starts by serving a notice on the neighbour.

On receiving a notice, a neighbour can consent or dissent.

They may consent but have conditions. For instance, they may want the condition of their premises recorded by a surveyor before work begins. Any conditions attached to such a consent would be the basis of a ‘party wall agreement’.

Neighbour Refuses a Party Wall Agreement

Surveyors can be appointed to resolve matters if you cannot reach a party wall agreement with your neighbour.

Having served a notice, if your neighbour refuses to appoint a surveyor, you can appoint one on their behalf. Even if your neighbour fails to respond, that is a deemed dispute.

The resolution of a dispute by surveyors cannot be stopped (except by subsequent agreement between you and your neighbour).

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For information on how the Party Wall Act affects you see our Party Wall Fact Sheet.

You can also find further information in our Party Wall FAQs. The FAQs have been compiled from questions we are often asked about the Act.

You can also find guidance on choosing a Party Wall Surveyor in our recent news article.

There is some further information in the government’s explanatory booklet on the Party Wall process.

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