Broadwater Gardens

We provided advice on all aspects of Daylight & Sunlight to support the planning application for Broadwater Gardens in Welwyn Garden City

The proposals for the redevelopment of the former BioPark brownfield site to provide 89 new homes were drawn up by Alan Camp Architects.

The scheme consists of four apartment blocks and eight townhouses, and each has its own character. Inspired by both the Welwyn Garden City architecture and the locally celebrated art deco modernist structures such as the Roche and Shredded Wheat buildings.

The buildings will ‘step up’ gradually to ensure they blend with neighbouring architecture and the environment.

Two-thirds of the development area will be open space. This incudes individually designed courtyard gardens, play areas, a community hub, gym and café.

The landscaping will also create a series of communal gardens and interconnected landscaped courtyards, shielded from railway noise.

Daylight & Sunlight Broadwater Gardens

The courtyard blocks are separated via an east – west garden ensuring maximum daylight and sunlight penetration to the landscaped areas throughout the day.

The southern block’s courtyard opens to the allotments, providing extensive views for the residents.

The proposals include a community use gym and coffee shop at ground floor level, overlooking the main central garden. This will act as a local hub providing a place for residents to meet, chat and share a coffee.


We advised on all aspects of Daylight & Sunlight to support the planning application for Broadwater Gardens in Welwyn Garden City.

Client : HG Group

Architect : Alan Camp Architects

Services : Daylight & Sunlight

Sector : Residential

Assessing the Daylight & Sunlight available to a proposed building is key to delivering high quality developments in increasingly dense urban areas throughout the UK.

Carefully considered design can help mitigate the impact on surrounding areas. Minimal impact on neighbouring properties can be achieved whilst also maximizing the development potential of a site and ensuring the delivery of good quality amenity for future occupiers.

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Daylight & Sunlight Services

Detailed Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Masterplanning & Site Optimisation

Maximum Development Envelopes & Optimisation

Façade Analysis & Optimisation

Internal Daylight & Sunlight Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Transient Overshadowing

Hours in Sun for Amenity Space

Climate Based Assessment

Tree Impact Assessments

Radiance Studies

Solar Glare

Solar Panel Assessments

Light Pollution

Expert Witness

Technical adviser to Local Planning Authorities

New British Standard EN17037 View Out Assessment

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