Central Quay, Glasgow

At Central Quay in Glasgow, we provided comprehensive advice on all aspects of daylight and sunlight to support the planning application for this transformative project.

The latest phase of Summix’s Central Quay development has been approved by Glasgow City Council.

This brownfield site is part of the broader Clyde riverside regeneration initiative. The proposal includes a mixed-use development featuring purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA), private residential units, and commercial spaces. Additionally, the project aims to create high-quality public realms and green spaces in the local area.

We collaborated closely with the project team and two architectural practices to ensure the design maximizes the potential for natural light in both the new accommodations and public spaces, while being sensitive to the evolving site context.

Given the number of emerging developments around the site, it was essential to manage them carefully to promote good daylight design principles. This scheme will deliver much-needed housing and first class student accommodation in Glasgow.

Daylight & Sunlight : Glasgow

Anstey Horne engaged with Glasgow City Council from the project’s inception to discuss the complexities of applying the BRE Guidelines for Daylight & Sunlight in regeneration areas. Through this dialogue, we were able to agree on alternative target values based on the wider site context, which was critical in maximizing the development opportunity for this strategically important site in Glasgow.

Our efforts have ensured that the Central Quay development not only meets the city’s needs for housing and student accommodation but also enhances the urban environment by optimizing daylight and sunlight access throughout the project.


We advised on all aspects of Daylight & Sunlight to support the planning application for Central Quay in Glasgow.

Client : Summix

Architects : 3D Reid and Graeme Nicholls Architects

Services : Daylight & Sunlight

Sector : Mixed Use

Assessing the Daylight & Sunlight available to a proposed building is key to delivering high quality developments in increasingly dense urban areas throughout the UK.

Carefully considered design can help mitigate the impact on surrounding areas. Minimal impact on neighbouring properties can be achieved whilst also maximizing the development potential of a site and ensuring the delivery of good quality amenity for future occupiers.

Daylight & Sunlight Services

Detailed Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Masterplanning & Site Optimisation

Maximum Development Envelopes & Optimisation

Façade Analysis & Optimisation

Internal Daylight & Sunlight Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Transient Overshadowing

Hours in Sun for Amenity Space

Climate Based Assessment

Tree Impact Assessments

Radiance Studies

Solar Glare

Solar Panel Assessments

Light Pollution

Expert Witness

Technical adviser to Local Planning Authorities

New British Standard EN17037 View Out Assessment

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