Welsh Party Wall Act

Party Wall Act – Welsh Language Translation

Anstey Horne were instrumental in the development of the national Party Wall etc. Act 1996 which provides rights to developing owners and safeguards for adjoining property owners.

With the establishment of our new Cardiff office we have corrected an omission by the UK government in not providing a Welsh language translation of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Welsh Language Party Wall Act

Follow the link for a copy of the Welsh language translation of the Party Wall Act.

The 1996 Party Wall Act was introduced as a bill to parliament by Lord Lytton who acknowledged the help in drafting the bill given by the late John Anstey. Prior to this the benefits of a process to manage Party Wall disputes had previously only been available to property owners in London, under the London Building Act.

Despite the passing into law of the Welsh Language Act in 1993, three years before the Party Wall Act, and the passage of 27 years since, no translation of the Act into Welsh has been available until now. Unfortunately, until the government creates an official translation our Welsh language version of the Party Wall Act will have no formal status. The courts will only recognise the English language version.

However, we remain committed to providing a Welsh language Party Wall service on request. We can issue Party Wall Notices and Awards in Welsh, alongside the legally official English language versions.

Party Wall & Neighbourly Matters Services

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For more information on how the Party Wall Act affects you as a Building Owner or Adjoining Owner, see our Party Wall Fact Sheet.

We have also compiled some Party Wall FAQs and a Glossary of Party Wall terms we often get questions about.

The Party Wall process starts with serving notice, which we cover in greater detail here.

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