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EWS1 Form : Understanding the Process

The EWS1 form, or External Wall Survey form, is a crucial document introduced to assess the fire safety of external wall systems on residential buildings.

Developed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in collaboration with mortgage lenders and fire safety experts, the EWS1 form is essential for ensuring the safety and marketability of properties with potentially combustible cladding.

What is an EWS1 Form?

An EWS1 form is an evaluation tool used by qualified fire safety professionals to determine the risk associated with the external wall systems of high-rise buildings.

This assessment focuses on the materials used in cladding and insulation, ensuring they meet current fire safety standards.

The form categorizes the condition of buildings with cladding using two options.

EWS1 Form Option A

For buildings where materials are unlikely to support combustion.

EWS1 Form Option B

For buildings where combustible materials are present which may or may not need to be remediated.

Why is the EWS1 Form Required?

The requirement for the EWS1 form arose in response to heightened safety concerns following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017.

This tragic incident exposed significant risks associated with certain types of cladding materials, leading to stringent scrutiny and regulatory changes in the building industry.

Here are key reasons why the EWS1 form is required :

Fire Safety Compliance: The EWS1 form ensures that buildings adhere to fire safety regulations, minimizing the risk of fire spread through external walls. This compliance is vital for the safety of residents and the structural integrity of buildings.

Mortgage and Insurance: Many mortgage lenders and insurance companies now require an EWS1 form before approving financing or coverage for high-rise buildings. The form provides assurance that the building’s external wall system has been thoroughly evaluated for fire risks.

Marketability: Without an EWS1 survey, selling or refinancing properties in buildings with potentially combustible cladding can be challenging. The form acts as a certification that the property is safe and meets fire safety standards, thus enhancing its marketability.

Peace of Mind: For residents and property owners, the EWS1 form provides peace of mind, confirming that their homes are safe and compliant with fire safety regulations. This reassurance is particularly important in high-density residential areas.

How is the EWS1 Form Process Conducted?

The process of obtaining an EWS1 form involves a detailed inspection by a qualified professional, typically a chartered fire engineer or surveyor.

The steps include :

Initial Assessment : A preliminary review of the building’s design, materials, and construction methods.

On-site Inspection: A thorough examination of the external wall system, including cladding, insulation, and fire barriers.

Risk Evaluation: Assessment of potential fire risks and the effectiveness of fire safety measures.

Report Compilation: The findings are documented in a detailed report to support the EWS1 form, categorizing the building under the appropriate option (A or B).


The EWS1 form is an indispensable tool in the post-Grenfell era, ensuring that high-rise residential buildings are safe and compliant with fire safety standards.

By providing a clear and standardized method for assessing fire risks associated with external wall systems, the EWS1 form plays a critical role in protecting residents, facilitating property transactions, and maintaining the integrity of the housing market.

Whether you are a property owner, buyer, or lender, understanding the importance of the EWS1 form is essential for navigating the complexities of building safety and compliance in today’s regulatory environment.

EWS1 Surveys – How we can help?

Our team of Chartered Surveyors are experienced in carrying out detailed inspections of buildings and issuing EWS1 Forms.

Since its inception we have carried out EWS1 surveys on hundreds of blocks and issued certificates for thousands of flats.

Our methodology and approach has been approved by our professional indemnity insurers, which makes us stand out from the crowd.

All our work includes a visit to the building by one of our qualified team for an initial visual assessment.

We do not undertake desktop assessments alone as this is in breach of the EWS1 process.

With offices in LondonBirmingham ManchesterBristol, NorwichPlymouth we provide EWS1 certificates and undertake surveys all around the UK.

What makes our EWS1 service different?

We provide specialist advice on the remediation of buildings that fail to meet the required safety standards.

This service includes the procurement of a specialist design team to allow the full remediation of the external façade.

We provide advice that is backed by specific professional indemnity insurance to undertake this work.


To commission an external wall survey please call our Enquiry line on 020 4534 3130

To commission an EWS1 Survey please call our EWS1 Enquiry line on 020 4534 3130.

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