Evolution of Design and Construction Roundtable Alex Parry-Jones

Evolution of Design & Construction – UK Proptech Association Roundtable

Our Head of Building Consultancy, Alex Parry-Jones recently attended the UK Proptech Association’s Roundtable discussion on the Evolution of Design & Construction.

UK Proptech Roundtable Alex Parry-Jones

The traditional method of design and construction has been accepted as a norm for many years. However, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic could now force many areas of the industry into the accelerated adoption of new technology and a digital transformation.

At Anstey Horne we have implemented several new technological initiatives to adjust to the new pattern of working since the first lockdown in March 2020. Our teams have seamlessly adopted new ways of working, whether that is online video conferencing or the move to cloud-based data acquisition and storage.

Procore’s  ‘The Future of Work is Now’ research reported that 94% of construction businesses which rolled out technology during the lockdown period saw improvements in the way their teams work and how project are run, something we also experienced at Anstey Horne.


The Roundtable was divided on the Evolution of Design & Construction and whether the current climate and uncertainty created by COVID-19 and Brexit is driving change or creating more risk averse industry.

There are a wide range of issues that need to be tackled in the short and long term. Labour and skills development, increased efficiency, better sustainability solutions, and broader collaboration through data driven innovation can all contribute to the growth of the sector.

We need more investment and early adopters of technology, faster planning processes, increased uptake of BIM, 3D modelling and information sharing across the entire design and construction lifestyle.

Across the industry lots of individual issues need to be tackled, some bigger than others, and they need to be looked at individually rather than as an industry wide holistic approach. Changes in regulation are going to be critical in supporting these efforts to drive widespread digital transformation and technology adoption.

Follow the link to downlaod the UK Proptech Association full report here.

Find out more about how Anstey Horne’s team work across the UK, and the impact of covid on this.


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