Construction race Charing Cross

Construction race Charing Cross

The construction race in Charing Cross that was apparently on to develop two neighbouring sites went ahead almost universally unnoticed, certainly by the participants themselves.

We have a vigilant neighbour to thank for calling the result. One of our Party Wall team captured this in the video below.

It was only a few months back that many construction sites were impacted by lockdown. In such troubled times its good to see that some people can still see the funny side and help lift everyone’s spirit.

Despite a significant head start by the competition, the race was won by Ilona Rose House, with the Soho Place development by Derwent London running a valiant second.

The winner is a 31,000 sqm mixed use development by Soho Estates. Plans for the site were drawn up by Matt Architecture and include highly decorative, bespoke, pre-cast concrete façade panels which you can see in our video clip. The panels were produced from 3D printed moulds. The scheme extends over 13 floors, including four basement levels. When complete it will be the new home of Warner Brothers’ European Postproduction Studios.

The runner up development at Soho Place was designed by AHMM for Derwent London. This site is due to complete in early 2022.

Both sites were shown as cleared in the image at the top of the page, taken in 2018. At this point Soho Place was ahead, with the core constructed. Ilona Rose House has pulled it back though, winning the construction race in Charing Cross by a head.

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Team members shown:

  • Rickie Bloom
  • Geoffrey Adams
  • Mark Amodio

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