3D Model Daylight & Sunlight

Interactive 3D Models for Daylight & Sunlight

Interactive 3D models of LondonBirminghamManchesterBristol, NorwichPlymouth and other cities around the UK allow us to assess massing options with immediate feedback on Daylight & Sunlight impacts.

We provide both qualitative and quantitative technical support for use in applications, appeals and negotiations relating to planning and common law issues for architectural design and construction.

Working with local authorities, we have helped to ensure the recommended standards for daylight and sunlight are achieved and impacts are minimal for any surrounding buildings.

Assessing the Daylight & Sunlight available to a proposed building is key to delivering high quality developments in increasingly dense urban areas throughout the UK.

Carefully considered design can help mitigate the impact on surrounding areas, whilst maximizing the development potential of a site and the delivery of good quality amenity for future occupiers.

With one of the most experienced teams in the UK, we advise the developing party, potentially affected neighbours and local planning authorities that are reviewing such matters.

Find out more about our daylight and sunlight assessments in Birmingham.

Daylight & Sunlight Services

Detailed Daylight & Sunlight Assessments

Masterplanning & Site Optimisation

Maximum Development Envelopes & Optimisation

Façade Analysis & Optimisation

Internal Daylight & Sunlight Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Transient Overshadowing

Hours in Sun for Amenity Space

Climate Based Assessment

Tree Impact Assessments

Radiance Studies

Solar Glare

Solar Panel Assessments

Light Pollution

Expert Witness

Technical adviser to Local Planning Authorities

New British Standard EN17037 View Out Assessment


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With offices in LondonBirminghamManchesterBristol, NorwichPlymouth we offer expert advice on sites all around the UK.

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